Year in review & what's ahead in 2020

January 06, 2020

By Stefanie Jay, Vice President and General Manager, Walmart Media Group


It's the only thing consumers cannot buy. Time.

"Or, is it?," asked Doug McMillion, president & CEO of Walmart Inc., at the 2019 Walmart Associates and Shareholders meeting.

Today's customers are in perpetual motion. They're busy, connected and well-informed. The ways customers discover new products, make buying decisions and interact with advertising are changing fast. The path to purchase is no longer a straight line. As a result, Walmart and Walmart Media Group are evolving with and for its customers, too.

2019 was a year of relentless evolution and innovation for Walmart. Our innovations pursued one goal: Save time for our customers, enhance convenience, and make it easier for our customers to shop and get back to doing what they truly love.

In 2019, Walmart rolled out:

  • Delivery Unlimited: We took convenience to a new level by giving customers the option to pay a yearly $98 fee or a monthly $12.95 fee to receive unlimited Walmart Grocery Delivery orders. Walmart Grocery Delivery brings customers the convenience of shopping when and where they want for fresh and quality produce, select general merchandise and more.
  • Walmart Voice Order: Free voice-activated grocery shopping with partners such as Google and Apple to let customers simply say the word to have Walmart help them shop… literally.
  • In-Home Delivery: An option to have fresh Walmart groceries delivered right into customers fridges, even if they're not home. This is available to nearly 1 million customers across three cities - Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach, FL.

No more waiting for deliveries. Great groceries, same low prices. No boxes, paper or plastic bags to deal with. And there's more to come!

Our advertising business, Walmart Media Group, has since evolved, too.

With 87 percent of retail transactions still happening in store, only Walmart's advertising platform can deliver holistic value to brands looking to reach shoppers with targeted precision that achieve sales conversion across all online AND offline Walmart properties.

Walmart's retail store presence is number one in the market – which translates into more retail data than any other retailer looking to enter the market or in the market. With 4,759 physical store locations in the US, no emerging or established brick-and-mortar retailer has data insights equivalent to us in scale.

2019 was a year of growth for us:

  • In the last year, we brought our advertising arm in-house, activated an omnichannel sales and partnership approach working across the Walmart ecosystem and acquired ad tech startup Polymorph Labs to scale up our business.
  • We hosted our first-ever flagship event, 52Sixty, in New York City. It was an exhilarating experience for us to host such a remarkable group of CMO's and brand marketers from all over the country. We introduced our fresh perspective on advertising that customers love and partnerships that brands love. It was an opportunity for us to share our core differentiator to our audience - no one can do accountable advertising at-scale, omni-channel like Walmart Media Group can.

Looking ahead, the #WalmartMomentum continues! One of our biggest priorities for 2020 is to offer our partners and suppliers more access and control of their advertising with Walmart Media Group. We took a big step in that direction recently.

Last Friday, we announced the launch of the Walmart Advertising Partners program that will allow brands to automate their optimization and reporting of Sponsored Products through an API partner of their choice. We’re giving advertisers a better experience.

At Walmart Media Group, our mission is to deliver ads that customers love. In 2020, we will roll out omnichannel experiences that will allow brands to showcase ads in-store as well! Stay tuned. Using our unparalleled omni-shopper data, we will further enable brands to deliver highly relevant content at the right time and right place to their target customers.

We look forward to partnering with all of you in 2020. Please reach out to our sales representatives or contact us on our website. We cannot wait to hear from you!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!


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Year in review & what's ahead in 2020