4 steps to a successful Walmart Sponsored Products campaign

4 steps to a successful Walmart Sponsored Products campaign

March 03, 2020

By Shefali Singla, Group Product Marketing Manager at Walmart Media Group


4,500 customers visit Walmart.com every minute to discover and search for new products to make their lives better. With Walmart Sponsored Products, brands can influence millions of Walmart.com customers along every step of their shopping journey. Walmart Sponsored Products are pay-per-click ads for products sold on Walmart.com. These ads appear in high-traffic spots such as search results, product detail pages and Buy Box.

If you’re a Walmart Sponsored Products advertiser — or would like to get started — make the most of your ad investment with these tips from Walmart Media Group:

1. Determine your Walmart advertising campaign goals upfront

Align your ad-campaign goals with your business objectives. For example, if your primary goal is to increase sales, your Sponsored Products campaign should be set up with conversion rate as the main metric of success. If you aim to build consideration for your product among other competitors, then the campaign should be set up keeping clicks and click-through rate as success metrics in mind. Sponsored Products offers the flexibility to meet a variety of goals.

2. Select the right campaign type for your goals

There are two types of campaigns. An Automatic campaign offers maximum exposure; a Manual campaign offers maximum control.

Automatic campaigns are the easiest to set up: Just add your products and the Walmart algorithm will automatically match them to relevant customer searches. With no keyword management and higher impression volume, Automatic campaigns are best for brands new to advertising, launching new products or interested in expanding beyond an existing customer base.

For a Manual campaign, advertisers handpick the keywords they want to bid on and set their preferred match types. While setting up their campaigns, they can take advantage of Walmart’s Keyword Analytics tool to learn the traffic history of the products and keywords they want to promote. Manual campaigns are best suited for brands whose products have a long history on Walmart.com and know the keywords their customers use.

3. Choose the right assortment of products to advertise

Brands should begin by including as many products as possible in their Sponsored Products campaign, to determine which products deliver the best results. Including your most popular products will certainly improve your chances of turning clicks into purchases. All chosen products should be in stock and competitively priced to meet Walmart’s pledge to save our customers time and money.

4. Bid strategically to maximize your products’ exposure

In the beginning, bid at or slightly above the minimum cost-per-click to improve the likelihood that ads are served frequently. Set higher bids to create a search history, and lower these bids once products gain history and sales.

For Manual campaigns, start with "Suggested Keywords" and "Broad Match". "Suggested Keywords" are generated by Walmart’s search algorithm and are ranked according to relevance and frequency. Utilize Walmart’s Keyword Analytics tool to generate additional keywords for your top-selling products, which have the most historical data.

For Automatic campaigns, take advantage of bid multipliers to increase the chance of securing premium placements such as Search In-grid and Buy Box banner. These ad placements have better click-through rates and can improve conversion.

How to get started with Walmart Sponsored Products?

Advertisers can launch and manage a Sponsored Products campaign on Walmart.com in two different ways:

One: Contact us to request access to the Walmart Sponsored Products self-serve platform.

Two: You can use a third-party AdTech platform. Get in touch with any of the four official Walmart Advertising Partners: Flywheel DigitalKenshooPacvue or Teikametrics.

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4 steps to a successful Walmart Sponsored Products campaign